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MARÍA LÓPEZ VALDÉS, she has an University Degree and Master in Mathematics at University of Zaragoza (Spain). Holder of a PhD in Computer Engineering at University of Zaragoza, as well as a Master in Business Administration at IE Business School.

Visiting researcher at Iowa State University (USA) and at University of Freiburg (Germany). Her research has received the Anita Borg Award of Google.

In 2011, she left the University to establish BitBrain Technologies, company which has achieved important awards in recognition of the innovation in Spain and in the world, such as the Iberoamerican Award for Innovation and Entrepreneurship of the Iberoamerican General Secretariat or the 2012 Entrepreneur Award of the Everis Foundation.

Currently, BitBrain develops its line of business usenns, a measurement technology efficient in Neuromarketing. It has been selected among the 20 most disruptive companies in Europe by the prestigious SME Instrument Programme of the European Commission.

She is lecturer and collaborates in different Masters and degrees in Business and Neuromarketing.


BITBRAIN TECHNOLOGIES es una empresa especializada en neurociencia y en neurotecnología.

Fundada en 2010 como spin-off de la Universidad de Zaragoza, BitBrain se ha posicionado como uno de los referentes a nivel internacional en aplicaciones de neurotecnología.

BitBrain colabora con universidades de todo Europa a través de proyectos de I+D relacionados con la neurociencia y cuenta con clientes de todos los perfiles: desde pequeñas empresas, universidades o multinacionales interesadas en aplicar los últimos avances de la neurociencia en sus mercados.